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3D hair stroke brows

  295 inclusive.

Newlines Permanent Cosmetics and Training New Lines by Susan

* Those who have very little or no time to apply make-up.

* Those who suffer Alopecia, Chemotherapy, Parkinson’s    Disease, or other tremor    related conditions.

* Those with little confidence in applying make-up or have poor    eye-sight.

* Those who like to look their best at all times.

* Those who have sparse or over plucked eyebrows.

* Those who have lost their natural lip line due to the ageing    process.

* Those who would like to benefit from a non-surgical eye-lift.

* Everyone who wants to enhance or divert their natural lines to new    lines.

Who Benefits?

“Over the years, you have given me the face I truly wanted, I’m so glad I found you, warm, friendly, caring, down to earth and a true professional, the full package, as is your work, and I recommend you all the time.”

Mrs Carol Aspina

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